Maybe I’m using this blog in a slutty way right now but…

I’m in a band called LUCA. We’re about to release a free album on December 23rd at midnight. You can have in fact I want you to have it.

It would be super cool if you payed us a visit on facebook, instagram, or twitter.

I know I don’t post on here much anymore but I wanted to share this!
I’m in a band called LUCA and we just released this video and it would help us out a ton if you shared it with your friends!
I know it’s a little rough, but we filmed during practice. heh.

Chillin. #fcfriendstour2013

Sitting in a parking lot in Columbus Ohio and it’s a beautiful day.

Star Trek II: Wrath of Kahn

I think these are my wedding colors….


Regarding the last post of Vampire Weekend lyrics:

Click on one of the lines of text and it will take you to a page explaining line for line why the lyrics were chosen. It’s RIDICULOUSLY genius.

My mind was blown.